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Thermosmart Windows manufacture your windows and doors using high quality REHAU UPVC profiles, these current profiles are a result of 50 years of research and testing, creating a product that is specifically designed for the Asia/Pacific Region. In using these quality profiles it allows Thermosmart Windows & Door systems to be superior in many ways, offering numerous benefits.


Upvc ia an excellent insulating material (unlike Aluminium) preventing the transfer of hot and cold. The clever multi-chambered profile design allows the use of single, double and even triple glazed units up to 36mm in thickness. At Thermosmart Windows we produce everyday products that reduce heat being lost in winter and gained in summer, drastically reducing your energy costs. With up to 40% of a homes energy for Cooling or Heating being lost through windows “CAN YOU AFFORD TO RUN YOUR WINDOWS”


All of our window and door systems are fully reinforced and are fitted with quality multipoint locking mechanisms; the glazing is only removable from the inside on most systems helping keep your home and family safe and secure. Your home insurer may even reduce your house and contents premiums.


All of our products require minimal maintenance, no sanding, filling or painting They will not corrode, rot, warp or flake, and are resistant to atmospheric pollution and salt air attack. Keeping your windows looking and operating perfectly requires minimal time and no specialised products simply wipe clean and oil locking mechanism twice a year.


All Thermosmart Windows and Doors have fully welded corners, keepin them strong and waterproof. Stops damage to your curtains, carpets, wall decoration and possibly your homes structure.


Our duoble EPDM gaskets give great sealing to your windows and doors, preventing draughts, water ingress and minimises external dust entering your home; great for Astha and allergy sufferers (except sliders)


Create a calm and quiet ambience in your home of office using our multi-chambered profile and thicker glazing units. Thermosmart Windows can reduce external noise with a sound insulation of up to 40db.


These specially designed products are UV stabilised and will withstand the harshest Australian sun and the coldest of winters, so will keep their great looks and superior performance for many years to come. Our display trailer is fitted with windows and doors fabricated in 2002.


All Thermosmart Windows and doors are custom made to fit your home perfectly. No standard sizes just unlimited design possibilities.


Our window and door systems have been tested and rated up to BAL 29 (Bushfire Attack Level) Our upvc frames are self extinguishing and very difficult to ignite, quite the opposite to what most people believe, as soon as a direct heat source is removed the flame will extinguish. In tests it is concluded that Upvc is in FACT at least as safe as conventional materials such as wood or even safer.


Our multi-chambered UPVC frames are great insulators, they prevent the cold outside temperatures travelling through the frame to connect with the warm, moist air inside your home, this is where condensation is caused. Also the majority of Aluminium products are extremely bad insulators and conduct hot and cold easily.




At Thermosmart Windows we are very aware of today's environmental problems, and concerns for the future.


All our products and manufacturing off-cuts are fully recyclable. not adding to the world’s landfill problems.


Because our products have a known long life span, this eliminates the need to replace our products as often as other window materials may require.


Thermosmart Windows and door systems are extremely thermally efficient, achieving a U value of up to 1.6, this actively reduces energy consumption. Specialised windows like ours can save around 20% of greenhouse emissions.


UPVC requires no sanding, filling, regular repainting or surface treatments, unlike other window products that require the use of additional packaged or solvent products to prevent deterioration or keep their looks.


Unfortunately very few products are available at zero cost to the environment; most materials pollute with chemicals or consume substantial amounts of energy to mine, manufacture or harvest.

Aluminium consumes around 7 times more energy to produce than UPVC; timber requires major energy consuming machinery to plant, harvest and size for use. We at Thermosmart Windows believe our products have far more benefits to the environment over their long lifespan compared to other traditional materials.

No Gimmicks, No Gag’s Just Bloody Brilliant Windows

Material Comparison

1.  Improved acoustic & drainage performance

The improved multi-chamber allows water to drain more efficiently and creates multiple blockages that effectively reduce sound transmission for better sound insulation.

2. In-board Euro groove

Enhance security measures with the Euro groove. Positioned through the centre of the sash profile, it creates a stronger position for the lock and greater resistance to forced entry. A multi-locking gear is also available for extra security.

3. Thermal insulation

Thermal performance is optimized through the use of multi-chambers which prevent heat transfer.

4. Larger reinforcement chamber

A larger reinforcement chamber within the profiles enables resistance to high wind pressure, thereby providing less limitation to design opportunities

5. Multi-chamber profile

REHAU window and door profiles now have either two or three chambers. This improves thermal performance and efficiency. A brush seal can be installed in the interlocking profiles to create an additional barrier against air and dust infiltration.

6. Smooth and light operation

Specially formulated lightweight aluminum tracks and premium quality rollers work hand-in-hand in sliding windows and doors

7. Easy glazing

The proven REHAU single-leg design is the key to safe and easy glazing. The glass glazing depth of at least 20mm double ensures a reliable and safe glass installation. Carefully thought-through glazing bead design makes upgrading or replacing window glass a fast and simple process. Internal glazing also provides increased security.

8. Dual compression seals

Dual compression seals act as a leak-proof barrier against air infiltration and water penetration.



WERS rates the energy impact of windows in housing anywhere in Australia. With up to 40% of a home's energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving their thermal performance reduces energy costs and Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

WERS is a proprietary scheme whose members agree to a formal code of conduct and participate in an annual audit.


WERS Residential is designed to look specifically at window ratings to improve the comfort of homes. The main purpose of energy efficiency in a residential application is to reduce the amount of times the heating and cooling appliances are turned on and off.

WERS rated residential windows have star ratings and percentage improvements to help give an easy comparison of windows.

Window IDGlazing IDCooling StarsHeating StarsCool %Head %UwSHGCTvwAi
Hammer Aluminium Capral : Urban Plus 592 Casement Window - Single Glazed
Trend Windows & Doors Trend : Timber Casement Window - Double Glazed
TND-008-103Clr / 8 / 3Clr49%73%2.80.530.560.12
Rylock Windows - Geelong AA Series Casement Window - Double Glazed - with in-Line Reveal
RVL-322-2014Clr / 12Ar / 4Clr46%62%3.70.510.530.30
Thermosmart Windows uPVC Casement Window - Double Glazed
Thermosmart Windows uPVC Awning Window - Double Glazed

Key to Rating Tables

Column 1: A window ID number, for example Window 14,used as a shorthand to identify each window in many of the examples given in this chapter. 
Column 2: A glazing description listing the products used to make up the glazed parts of the window, where IG (or IGU) - means insulating glass unit, usually made up of 2 glass panes with a sealed space between them, filled with air, argon or other dry gas. Note that the space is not evacuated.
3/12/3 - represents the order (from outside to inside) and the spacing between glass products, in this example a 3 mm thick glass pane, followed by 12 mm of air space or gas (argon) fill, followed by 3 mmthick glass pane; similar explanations apply to all other combinations listed.

"toned" and "super toned" refer to different grades of body-tinted glass products available inn the market. Low-e indicates the presence of glass products with low-emittance (low-emissivity) coatings. A pyrolytic low-ecoating is one type of coating technology.

Column 3: Cooling Stars when compared with the base case Generic Window 1 (3mm clear glass in a standard aluminium frame). 
Column 4: Heating Stars when compared with the base case Generic Window 1 (3mm clear glass in a standard aluminium frame). 
Column 5:
 Percentage improvement for cooling compared with the base case Generic Window 1 (3mm clear glass in a standard aluminium frame). 
Column 6: Percentage improvement for heating compared with the base case Generic Window 1 (3mm clear glass in a standard aluminium frame). 
Column 7: Whole-window U-value (Uw) that accounts for the performance of the frame, edge-of-glass and centre-of-glass components. Uw is calculated for the standard sizes given in Table 1. 
Column 8:
 Whole-window solar heat gain coefficient (SHGCw)that accounts for the performance of the frame and glass components.With SHGC, there is no distinction between centre-of-glass and edge-of-glass. SHGCw is calculated for the standard sizes given in Table1. 
Column 9: Whole-window visible transmittance (Tvis).Product of glazing Tvis and glazing/frame area ratio. 
Column 10:
 Air infiltration rate (L/s.m2) at positive(inward) pressure difference of 75 Pa.

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