Thermosmart Windows supply and install a wide range of U.P.V.C window and door systems. Every window and door is custom made so there are no standard sizes, just unlimited design possibilities.

Whether you require something simple or something a little different, (arched, bow or bay design) we can accommodate you

Personalise your windows with some glass art, possibly some colonial bars inserted into your double glazed units, giving character to your home without any additional cleaning problems.

Stained/Leadlight glazing can be encased into a sealed glazing unit to keep the traditional look of your home.

The Tilt & Turn

This ingenious and secure window system allows the window to be locked in a tilted ventilation position, can be fully opened inwards for easy cleaning and easy escape access in the event of an emergency.

The Tilt & Turn has double compression gaskets to eliminate draughts and drastically reduce external noise.

This system can be made in various sizes ranging from small windows to doors.

As the size increases more locking points are installed to maintain exceptional sealing performance.

The Sliding Window

These easy slide windows can be manufactured with single or multiple opening panels,

They are fitted with dual brush gaskets, multipoint locking mechanisms and heavy duty rollers which roll along a specially designed aluminium track insert, ensuring long and easy use for the operator.

The Sliding system can accommodate a 24mm thick glazing unit and accepts fixed or retractable fly screens

The Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are very similar to their matching window system; the profiles are larger and have heavier duty rollers fitted, making their operation just as smooth and effortless.

This system can be manufactured with single or multiple opening panels making them very versatile, they are fitted with dual brush gaskets, multipoint locking, and the profile allows a glazing unit up to 24mm thick .

The fly screen can be sliding or retractable depending on opening styles.

The Awning / Casement & Hopper

These systems use the same scissor stay hinges allowing the window to stay in the position that it is opened to. All systems use multipoint locking systems and have a lockable ventilation position.

The Casement can be made to open either inwards or outwards with left or right handed opening; it can accommodate up to 36mm glazing units and has double compression gaskets

The Awning opens outwards and also accepts the large 36mm glazing. It also has double compression gaskets.

New additions for these systems are the scissor action winder openers

Giving the choice of fixed or retractable fly screens

The French Doors

This great door system provides an easy to use secure everyday door that has a multipoint locking mechanism for when you’re out and the simplicity of a standard type door latch for when you’re at home.

The secondary door opens with two simple but secure finger operated shoot bolts. With the secondary door opened it gives more ventilation on those hot summer days, and that larger opening for entertaining or bulky furniture removals.

The versatile French doors can be manufactured to either open inwards or out with the primary door on the left or right side. They are fitted with double compression gaskets and 3 way adjustable hinges.

This system will accept a retractable type fly screen and door opening restrictors can be installed to limit the opening of each door.

Entrance Doors

This hinged door system can be made to open either in or out and left or right opening.

Options can be full or partial glass with panels.

They are double glazed and have multipoint locking system.

The Bi-Fold System

The Bi-fold Window & Door systems are the modern day answer to indoor/outdoor living. This clever design system allows multiple panels to fold away, leaving an un-obscured opening without compromising performance or security.

This system is fitted with double compression gaskets, multipoint locking system and can be manufactured in several configurations.

Tilt & Slide System

The Tilt & Slide system combine the benefits between the tilt & turn and Sliding systems.

This allows secure ventilation in the tilt position with improved sealing over the standard sliding system.

This system is fitted with double compression gaskets, multipoint locking system and accepts the larger glazing units of up to 36mm.

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